Colorful Cartwheels



Just like the rest of the internet, I watched Shawna Farmer from afar as she flourished with her clothing line, Chubby Cartwheels. When Copper Union was asked to show at Summer Strut, a fatshion fashion show, alongside Shawna I knew it was my chance to break in with this powerful lady. Shawna is a wonderfully honest, open, and immensely talented woman who inspires me non-stop! With her amazing brand and loyal following, this Feminine Warrior is a force to be reckoned with. She stands for so many of the same values as we do here at CU, and it is a joy to be around her glowing bosslady-ness. Who knows, you might even see a little Copper Union/Chubby Cartwheels collaboration in the future!


Shawna is rocking our custom Orange Crush Skater Skirt and Bomber Sweatshirt.

Shawna looks amazing in our Nika Pencil Skirt, custom Copper Tank, and new Birch Stevie Shrug!



Name: Shawna Farmer
Age: 33
Hometown: Portland, born and raised!
Occupation: Fashion Designer/Owner of Chubby Cartwheels 
Instagram: @chubbycartwheels

Describe your style in five words or less:
Comfortable. Wild. Present.

Favorite Sweet Thang?
Curly Wurly bars - they're a British candy that swirls caramel covered in chocolate. British chocolate is so much better than American chocolate. 

Who are your three favorite lady power icons?
From a really young age, Emme, who was one of the first the plus-size super models. Women like Beth Ditto and Velvet D’Amour. When you see these really powerful, well-put together women representing you it really affects you positively. Oh! And Tracey Turnblad. As a really young girl, seeing her get the hot guy and not give a shit was awesome—we’re talking the Ricki Lake version here.

What makes you feel beautiful and strong?
Wearing stuff that almost makes me feel the most insecure, because I’m willing to put myself out there. It builds me up and makes me feel stronger. I used to never show my arms and now I do all the time. Doing what makes me feel uncomfortable, and doing it well, makes me feel stronger afterwards.

Tell us a little bit about Chubby Cartwheels.
Chubby Cartwheels really started out of necessity for myself, and wanting to make clothes for myself. I feel like in the past five years, fashion has changed so much for the plus market. But back then I wanted to make things for me that just weren’t out there. I want people to know that my brand is about feeling good—I wouldn’t say confident, I think that word gets used so much—it's more about women wanting to express what they want to say about themselves. I do custom work because plus size bodies are so diverse, each body is so different. If ladies want something of mine, they know they can still have it even if their body is vastly different from the models they see. 


The street we scouted for our photo shoot was suddenly closed! Luckily, their street sign matched perfectly with our custom Orange Crush Skater Skirt and Bomber Sweatshirt (coming soon to the CU online shop).

Thank you for playing in the leaves with us, Shawna!