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January Feminine Warriors

So you all know what a friend crush is right? Here at Copper Union, we can wholeheartedly say we have MAJOR lady-friend crushes on this month's Feminine Warriors, Margot Meanie and Kobi Jae. When we found out these two would be in Portland at the same time, we knew we had feature on them! Kobi and Margot were total gems and looked smashing in Copper Union, but who doesn’t look great in black, fringe, and sparkly skirts?!? We had a wonderful day bopping around to some of our favorite spots in this great city, and getting to know the ladies even better. If only they could live closer, we could play dress-up all the time! Their trip flew by too fast. There is no doubt in our minds that we will be friends for life with these two mega babes and can’t wait to see what their bright futures hold!


Margot is wearing our Mesh BASE Wrap, custom fringe lace vest, Raven infinity scarf, and Mayhem Mesh Skirt.


Get to Know Margot Meanie

Name: Margot Meanie
Age: 33
Instagram: @margotmeanie
Occupation: Alternative plus size fashion blogger, online personal shopper/stylist, and freelance writer.

Who are your power females you look up to?
Basically any goth girl from movies. I have serious heart eyes for the likes of Morticia and Wednesday Addams, Lydia Deetz, and Nancy Downs. But I also draw a lot of power from looking up flappers and Ziegfeld Follies.

I really look up to some of my peers in the plus size community and social media in general. Souls like Kobi Jae’s of Horror Kitsch Bitch or Michelle from glitterinthedirt are just so inspiring and make me want to do better.

What are three songs you can’t live without and could always play on repeat?
ONLY THREE????? This is not fair….FINE!

  • Everlong - Foo Fighter
  • Just Like Heaven - The Cure
  • Killing Moon - Echo and the Bunnymen

Screw it, I’m a rebel, also the entire score of Phantom of the Opera by the Canadian cast int he 90’s, Human Behavior by Bjork, and Dancing On My Own by Robyn.

Who are your style icons?
I always used to say I’m a mix of Cyndi Lauper and Audrey Hepburn…I guess it’s still true. 

Eddie and Pats from Ab fab, or the entire cast in Pretty in Pink. But honestly, there are so many now that inspire me it’s hard to name them all. I am definitely pulled in two directions, one being over the top campy fun and opulence, the other being a minimalist.

Where/what is your dream vacation?
We’re supposed to fantasize a little here, right? I’m gonna fantasize!

My dream vacation is that my life is a vacation and I bop around the globe to little two-bedroom apartments I happen to own speckled in my favorite cities. And my friends being able to join me for frivolous fun times and really good champagne cocktails.

Damn, that is the dream!

What was your favorite part of Portland?
It used to be Ground Kontrol and Voodoo Donuts, oh and the awesome happy hour deals. 

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE these things, but now it’s all my friends I miss that I was finally able to meet in person. Portland is full of beautiful souls and I want to come back to combine my previous favorite aspects with my new favs! <3

If you could have any animal for a pet what would it be?
I think anyone who has ever heard of me would automatically associate me with cats…and I thank you for it! I adore them, but in all honestly, if I were left to my own, I would end up having 2 dogs, 6 cats, a few bunnies and a pair of birds…and a fennec fox…and a red fox..and…omg the list would go on!

PS: I want a cow too! And a dik dik…ok I’ll stop!


Kobi is shining in our black Ryan Oxford and custom Olive Gathered Skirt. 


Get to Know Kobi Jae

Name: Kobi Jae
Age: 27
Instagram: @kobi_jae
Occupation: Graphic and web designer (also in my last year of study), as well as a contract special effects technician and sometimes disability support worker!

Who are your power females you look up to?
I don’t have many “big names” that I really look up to because I have a lot of inspiring women as friends (such as the luscious Margot Meanie), and from within the communities that I interact with… indie designers, bloggers, models, body positive activists, writers and just ‘regular josephines’ that I regularly interact with on social media.

Also, I know this is super cheesy, but…my mum. She is such a passionate, enthusiastic and exuberant woman who really cares about being the very best version of herself and contributing good and worthy things to the world. I love my mumsy! :)

What are three songs you can’t live without and could always play on repeat?
Oh man, this is like asking me to choose my 3 favorite children, but if I had, like, 4,000 children! But umm.. a quick skim through iTunes and these 3 jumped out: Dear Mr Gable, as sung by Judy Garland, Meatloaf’s Paradise by the Dashboard Lights, and Total Hate ’95 by No Doubt – because I dream of a time when Gwen Stefani was still epically cool and Bradley Nowell was still alive <3

Who are your style icons?
I am so inspired by all the incredibly stylish women that I interact with on social media! I also love Japanese street style photography, drag queens and Fran Fine. Haha! I also have the hugest amount of respect and admiration for the ladies of Advanced Style… the way that personal expression through clothing and body decoration is such an enormous part of who they are, and how much it enriches their lives - I can totally relate to that, and admire (and aspire to) their level of dedication and commitment.

Where/what is your dream vacation?
I just had it, on my epic 6 month adventure to America! Next up, I really need to get to Europe to explore my German heritage and have adventures in Slavic countries. My trips are almost always dictated by what foods I want to eat.

What was your favorite part of Portland?
Hanging out with the incredible plus size community and getting one on one time with the beautiful people that I had established internet friendships with. I was delighted to discover they are just as amazing and wonderful and fun in real life as i’d hoped… in fact, even more! <3

If you could have any animal for a pet what would it be?
I already have him! My cat, Gomez, is the best guy ever. But I also want a Hungarian Horntail dragon, but, like, one of the small ones that the Triwizard Tournament contestants pull out of the bag. 

Photo Jan 11, 1 07 47 PM.jpg

Thank you for visiting Portland, ladies! We can’t wait to see you again!
Also, thanks to Cargo for letting us shoot in their beautiful store.