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Featured Feminine Warrior: 
Amy Jo Wisehart


I first discovered Amy Jo after getting lost in an Instagram blackhole—you know when you keep clicking on profiles and finding random posts you like—and then BAM! There she was. Her #nudeinnature project is stunningly gorgeous, and I was instantly intrigued with this brave, bold, beautiful woman. I knew I had to get to know her better and play a little dress up! After looking deeper into her profile I saw her amazing art and knew this was just the beginning of hardcore friend crush.

Amy Jo is a gentle soul who shines so brightly through many mediums and we can’t wait to show you to all of you beautiful people! She is one powerful #femininewarrior and graciously let us into her beautiful home to photograph her in her natural habitat. We feel in love with all the colors, art, and trinkets she has and can see why she is so inspired by her surroundings. Here is just a little peek into her colorful life!


Amy Jo is classy and cozy in our Dani Tank, Coco Joggers, and Bette Stevie Shrug.


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Get to Know Amy Jo


Name: Amy Jo Wisehart
Age: 28
Instagram: @WisehartFineArt and @WisehartVintagePhoto
Occupation: Artist

Tell us about your art. What are some of your favorite things to create (subject, medium, etc.)?
My art seems to be moving in a new direction as of lately, which I love.  I'm becoming more into the body positive activism scene, and I really feel the power that my images can have. I am primarily working with photography right now, but I also have ideas for a new (oil) painting series as well. I want my work to speak to the people that are told to be ashamed for their bodies. I want more people to realize that it's okay to love yourself, all while telling myself the same thing. (The struggle is real.) Most of what I do on the daily though, is watercolor commissioned portraits. This and also wedding photography is what pays the bills after all! 

Who are your favorite power lady icons (dead or alive, fictional or family, anyone!)?
Oh man. Favorite power lady icons. There are so many! First off I would say Sally Mann. She's absolutely amazing and her photography speaks to me on a level where I feel like we are kindred spirits. Two other icons for me go hand-in-hand with each other. I found them both around the same time on tumblr years ago: Katie West and Faye Daniels. They are two gorgeous women who work (sometimes together) to break stereotypes within nude photography. They both do self portraits (the majority of them nude) and they are the main reason why I started photographing myself nude.   

What are three songs you can’t live without and could always play on repeat?
  1) Barenaked Ladies- One Week (Lol. I randomly break out in song and dance to this song constantly. No idea why. I don't even really like the song that much.)
  2) Beyonce- Flawless feat. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
  3) Johnny Cash- Look at Them Beans

Where/what is your dream vacation?
My dream vacation is currently to Iceland. I'm obsessed with the scenery that Iceland provides, the culture, and pretty much everything else it has to provide. From what I've seen it's a land of magic, and magical places call to me. I would love to spend 2-3 weeks there traveling by car and photographing myself nude at locations all over the island. 

What is your go-to accessory?
My go-to accessory would have to be my Jo Totes camera bag. I've traveled all over the world with it on my side. I love how it can carry all of my things and is also fashionable and comfy. The other accessory that's absolutely tied with this on my go-to list would be an Amethyst necklace that I bought on my road trip to Oregon.

Where do you look for style inspiration?
Recently I've been inspired by ladies on Instagram that have bright, eclectic, and/or kitschy styles.  (@4locrow and @studiomucci @chubbycartwheels for examples—and of course @copperunion!). I'm relatively new to the fashion world, because where I've lived before (and who I was surrounding myself with) there were absolutely no options for buying plus size clothing that could be seen as "fashion-y". Now with the internet being so amazing, living in Portland, and free shipping, my options seem to be endless. I'm now seeing that I can embrace my eclectic style and just rock the fuck out of it.